Jack MessengerI was born in Baden-Baden in what was then West Germany. I spent most of my childhood in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire in the UK, and studied philosophy under the late, great Antony Flew at the University of Reading, where I received my degree. I immediately entered the publishing industry, first as an editor of children’s books, then as an editor for a book-based charity and, finally, as an editor of academic books for Blackwell in Oxford, where I met my wife, Brigitte. I then became a freelance writer and editor for clients such as Berlitz, Blackwell, the Bookseller, Routledge, other writers, and various university presses. For Berlitz, I wrote travel guides to European cities such as Berlin, Bruges, Dublin and Ghent, and for New Holland Publishing I wrote a travel guide to Prague  (all of which enabled me to have some fabulous holidays). Simultaneously, I was also editing and writing a range of books and materials for international Jack Messengeraid agencies based in Geneva, which involved even more travelling. Brigitte and I then moved to Burgundy, France for a decade, where we ran the equivalent of a smallholding and became self-sufficient in fruit, veg and backache. I also learned to speak French. A bout of cancer, coupled with technological developments and a sudden desire for city life, led us back to the UK, where we live with our greyhounds in an award-winning development of eco-houses in Nottingham. I now devote myself entirely to my fiction, for which I have been lucky enough to have received outstanding reviews (but precious little income). I also review fiction on this website and I am a regular contributor to the Compulsive Reader and the Midwest Book Review.


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My Fiction

Take the Late TrainMy fiction is about people: the mistakes they make; the things they do to live with themselves; how the world changes them. A lot of my stories are witty and humorous. Sometimes I write about safe, respectable people who encounter life unexpectedly; sometimes my fiction is set in the United States or England or elsewhere; a lot of the time I like to write from a woman’s perspective.

I write interesting stories in which things happen and people change. My collection of short stories – Four American Tales – is available free from this website. You can read about it here.Farewell Olympus

You can also read about my novels, Farewell Olympus, Take the Late Train, Noah’s Arc and The Long Voyage Home, here

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