Lost GroundPublished by FriesenPress as an ebook, paperback and hardback (buy here)

Lost Ground opens with the 1936 Berlin Olympics, where Hitler’s fantasy of racial superiority was definitively trodden underfoot by the victories of black US athlete Jesse Owens.

Tina Björnström and her father, Eric, both Finns, have travelled to Berlin to watch Tina’s unofficial fiancé, Paul, participate in the five thousand metres event. Tom Henderson, a US reporter, is here to cover the Games. These are the novel’s four principal characters, and the story of Lost Ground is told from their multiple points of view – Eric’s experience is seen solely from the outside, while we enter directly into the consciousness of the other three. They take us from Berlin to Helsinki in Finland, via the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact to the attack on Finland by the Soviet Union, the ceding of Karelia to the Soviets (the lost ground of the title) and ultimately through and beyond the Second World War. Continue reading