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An Interview with Andrea Lechner-Becker

Andrea Lechner-Becker lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Her debut novel, Sixty Days Left, was published on 15 May 2018.

Sixty Days Left, by Andrea Lechner-BeckerWhat would you do with just sixty days left?

That’s the question Willow must ask when, after a terminal diagnosis, she moves from Wyoming’s wide-open spaces to Portland for Death with Dignity. In this diary-format novel, Willow explores her present and her past, while realizing that every decision forms her future.

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Gospel Prism | Gerald Weaver

Gospel Prism

Published by London Wall Publishing as an ebook, hardback and paperback

Gerald Weaver’s debut novel is centred on the mutability of words – specifically, the Word, as revealed to a narrator named Christian by an alluring and snappily dressed female Christ-figure in his cell in Manchester Minimum Security Prison in Kentucky.

The ‘preface’ to the novel, we are told, is written by Christian’s lawyer, who informs us that the book we are about to read has already been previewed and read, translated and mistranslated, appropriated and interpreted by a host of followers in a seemingly endless cycle of hermeneutical exegesis and editorial transformation. A unique claim of the narrative of Gospel Prism is that it is a book that has anticipated, foreseen and incorporated into itself the world it has already altered. It has subsumed many other books and inspired congregations of believers and movements for social change across the globe. We must thus infer it is a divinely inspired holy book, a scripture – a text that is in the world but not of it, in any conventional sense. It is a book that resists ownership, including that of its putative author. Continue reading

The Snail’s Castle | Mark Gordon

Mark Gordon Snail's CastlePublished by Dog Ear Publishing as an ebook and paperback (buy here)

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Carl Jung’s concept of the Shadow is one of many intertwined and mutually reinforcing themes in Mark Gordon’s complex and absorbing novel. The Shadow comprises the negative, primitive and morally reprehensible emotions and impulses inaccessible to the conscious mind: among them, lust, greed, envy, rage and the pursuit of power. It is at its most dangerous when habitually repressed and rejected, eventually manifesting itself in mental disturbances such as neurosis, psychosis or irrational hostility.

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