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Handley Library, Winchester, Virginia

Handley Library


  1. Wow, a beautiful library!

  2. It is – it was apparently designed to represent the shape of an open book standing on its bottom edge. The inside is just as delightful with some lovely original features that were renovated in 2001. If you’re visiting, I’d recommend doing the self-guided tour and taking a look at the stained glass.

    • That’s fascinating, Norah. I shall have to stare at the photograph and see what else I can find. Thank you. I recall that a character in David Karp’s novel Leave Me Alone (1957, I think) calls libraries ‘intellectual ammunition dumps’. The metaphor must have been derived from his wartime experiences, but you know what he means. Perhaps that is why libraries are an endangered species in many parts of the world – including so-called democracies.

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