Copyediting for Indie Authors: A How-to Guide of Ten Top Tips to Save Time and Money and Make Your Book Look Professionally Copyedited

This guide will show you ten top tips on how to avoid basic errors and make your book stand out from the crowd. Copyediting for Indie Authors is designed to take you through – step by step – ten things you need to think about to make your book the best it can be – even if you don’t use a copyeditor.

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In this Ebook You Will Discover...

  • How to Avoid Glaring Errors …

    that smack reviewers and readers in the eye and scream Amateur! First impressions count, and your first page has to be perfect.

  • What and What Not To Do …

    about major aspects of emphasis and style, numbers and dates, titles and layout, punctuation – where does that apostrophe fit? –and spelling.

  • The Way to Copyedit as You Write …

    PLUS two more top tips  and a handy copyediting checklist – FREE – to have by your side so you don’t have to keep everything in your head.

    What Other People Are Saying About Copyediting for Indie Authors

    Copyediting for Indie Authors is an invaluable and extremely handy tool for anyone writing in English for any audience.  It replaces several printed style books now on my reference shelf because it is so much easier to use.  If you write, you need it.

    Jim Proser
    Jim Proser Award-winning writer of I’m Staying with My Boys … and Mr Copacabana

    I wholeheartedly recommend Jack and Brigitte Messenger’s how-to guide, Copyediting for Indie Authors. Just follow their excellent tips for a more professional-looking book.

    Mark Gordon
    Mark Gordon Author of The Snail’s Castle

    This is an excellent guide for authors striving to eliminate copyediting errors that can sink a book from the start. Clear and concise, it provides many concrete examples of how to do it right.

    Ulla Jordan
    Ulla Jordan Author of Lost Ground

    Professional copyediting is vital for any indie author who wishes to compete with traditionally published books. In this quick-reference guide, Jack Messenger provides a valuable resource that will enable authors to correct issues from punctuation and paragraph breaks to common spelling errors. Highly recommended!

    Ken Doyle
    Ken Doyle Author of Bombay Bhel and Gateway of India

    I have no hesitation in recommending this accessible and engaging guide to all independent writers. Laying out their advice in forthright, unambiguous yet never hectoring or patronising terms, and supporting each of their ten top tips with clear examples, the authors admirably synthesize lessons learned from their years of experience as publishers, freelances providing expert services to publishers, and authors themselves. This guide is just what writers will have been waiting for!

    Alison Dunnett
    Alison Dunnett Formerly Production Director for Social Sciences and Humanities Books, John Wiley & Sons

    Indispensable! Oh how I wish I had these ten tips when I was copyediting and formatting my novel. Trust me, I’m going to keep this slender document with my dictionary and thesaurus right next to my computer.

    Ginger Bensman
    Ginger Bensman Author of To Swim Beneath the Earth

    As a professional reviewer, I often come across books (and queries) that are poorly copyedited.  This not only indicates that the author hasn’t valued their work enough to take care, but poor copyediting can impinge dramatically on a book’s clarity and readability.  As an author, I know what it’s like to be professionally copyedited, and I also know how hard it is to DIY.  Jack Messenger’s easy to read and succinct set of top ten tips is not a substitute for a pro, but it’s an excellent way to avoid the most common errors and lift your work above the vast majority of books being published today.  Use this guide consistently and your work will most certainly benefit.

    Magdalena Ball
    Magdalena Ball

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