Noah’s Arc: Funny and sad, sweet and sour, flippant and serious. And that’s only the first page. This is one weird voyage.

Ben runs a restaurant, Nicholas runs the world. Ann wants to help others, Vicki wants to help herself. Georgia needs to feel clean, Coral does the cleaning. Gerald needs to hold on to love, Sibella wants to be top of the tree. François wants to feel at home, Frank builds homes. Emily has lost herself, Debbie has never known herself. Larry just wants more of everything. And then there is Noah: washed-up on the shores of a life he never wanted, his mind addled by pills, the world around him going to hell in a handbasket. How can he – how can any of them – survive the coming flood? Do they want to? And what exactly is going on at the local airport?


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Noah’s Arc by Jack Messenger

‘Noah’s Arc is a sprawling, outrageous, carpetbag of a novel with a large cast of characters, many of whom already know one another, many of whom come to know one another, via interlocking stories set in my home town of Nottingham. It’s about overweening ambition, greed, love, conflict and death, with a sharp humour that shades into the phantasmagoric.’ Jack Messenger

When your life is off course and you don’t have a compass, improvise

  • Great Characters

    The best of the blessed, the worst of the cursed; the good and the guilty, the beautiful and the damned. And the city itself, with its yards and canals, laid low by a summer of blistering heat.

  • Powerful Writing

    ‘The unimaginably vast, the infinite stretches of interstellar space seethed with activity … The past is painted in light across the night skies. Look deep enough and you can see the beginning of the Universe.’

  • Intriguing Storyline

    Crossing and colliding, multiple stories build to a rehearsal for the end of the world, complete with visions and dreams, sudden death and unexpected life, all told with a desperate, hysterical humour.

Noah’s Arc is for readers who enjoy a novel that takes them to places they have never been, with people they half-remember in a world that’s disturbingly real

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