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St Mary’s Oxford, by Bruce Alexander Wright

St Mary's Oxford


  1. Greatly enjoying the occasional admixture of artworks into this stimulating and primarily writing- and reading-focused blog. Bruce Wright’s Oxford paintings trigger thoughts of Oxford-based fiction for me – here, the bicycles conjure up Dorothy L. Sayers’ formidable crew of academics in Gaudy Night, magnificent and farcical chase scenes in the comedic detective fiction of Edmund Crispin, and of course haunting images of a very particular type of Oxford in Brideshead Revisited.

    • Thank you Ally. You sound formidably well read, especially in Oxford-based novels. I think of people like E. M. Forster, although I’m not sure why. It could be to do with the covers of his novels, which I have in ancient Penguin editions with rather natty designs from the 1950s. I hope to secure an interview with Wright one of these days, so perhaps he’ll enlighten us.

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