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Farewell Olympus Goodreads Review

Another Excellent Goodreads Review for Farewell Olympus

Farewell Olympusis an enjoyable and elegantly constructed romp around fraternal rivalry, family dynamics, literary aspiration, self-definition and the stories we tell ourselves and others. Someone should snap up the film rights.’ See the complete review at Goodreads Review

Farewell OlympusAnother ★★★★★ Review

I loved reading Farewell Olympus. It was a page-turner with humor and insight, the characters were complicated and fun, and the story started simply and played out in a more complicated way with Paris as the setting. But Paris as a place to live and work and not the romanticized faux version of baguettes or berets. Although easy to read, I had to look up several words which were seamlessly woven into the narrative but were new to me. Amazon US review


Farewell Olympus‘The third most enjoyable aspect of Farewell Olympus is how Messenger effortlessly inserts new evidence, time and again, that makes us realize what fools we were to think we knew what was happening – or to understand the characters and motivations of the various protagonists. The second most enjoyable aspect is the dry British wit that keeps you smiling – not guffawing but smiling, and occasionally bursting into a giggle. Messenger is especially good at alluding to French and British perceptions and distrust of each other. But the most enjoyable aspect of Farewell Olympus is the ever-changing relationship between the half-brothers. For the first time in their lives, they end up needing each other if they are to survive amid the mysterious thugs. What really scares them, though, is the possibility that they may actually come to like each other. Farewell Olympus makes me wish I had spent a portion of my youth in Paris, chasing dreams and those gorgeous but incomprehensible women. But you and I can ponder this path not taken by reading Messenger’s – I mean Howard’s – deft and witty tale.’ (Amazon US review)


Farewell Olympus‘A delightful farce … Messenger’s ability to convolute readers’ preconceived notions of the mystery genre creates an ending that is both surprising, entertaining, and humorous … Messenger creates some absolutely breathtaking metaphors … [his] ability to poke fun at the genré’s cliches makes this work clever and fresh.’ (The BookLife Prize)


Farewell OlympusFarewell Olympus is a witty and sharply written comic novel with an engaging hero dazed and confused by almost everything, from his beautiful but enigmatic girlfriend to the fast-multiplying conspiracies to have him kidnapped, tortured and murdered. An intelligent pleasure.’ (Paul Hoffman, author of Scorn and The Left Hand of God trilogy)



Farewell Olympus Unveiled


Farewell Olympus Has Arrived!

It’s been a long haul with all sorts of interruptions and difficulties, but, finally, the moment the whole world (well, me, anyway) has been waiting for is here. Readers will be able to choose between paperback and ebook editions (Kindle and everything else) via all major online retailers: Amazon, Lulu, iBooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Nook – the list is endless. The paperback will be distributed worldwide and will take around eight weeks to appear in stock. In the meantime, eBooks are go! You can preorder them now and, as you’ll see below, it pays to do so early.

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